Paroles & Accords

Singing Snail

I spend some nights
Some days
Walking far away from home
but where is the home ?
I took my hopes
and my bags
leaving my worries
on the past
I thought, no more troubles
As long as I am with me
Singing Singing Singing Singing
For the moment
For the Heart
I’m walking on the street
while listening to the beat
letting some footprints
as leaving marks of ink
Everyday exchanging point of vue
everytime discover something new
I think that home
is like a little paradise
where there’s only truth to realize
’cause all the thing which is happening is all
synchronizing when we are
Singing x4
For the moment
Breathing x4
For the Heart
And dancing all days with the spirit
Spread the love
Let your beautiful heart sing for life
and your dreams will come true