Paroles & Accords


Serenity no more vanity
On the hill of my mind so much insanity
growing up crazy in this society
where salary count more than time for charity
where is equality ? why so much cruelty ?
Tell me why
I’m tired of debility
Runing for vanity
I’m feeding and killing the nil
shouting and crying but still
I try to find peace of mind
but I see my fiends inside
I try to face the stories that I left behind
As a woman and daughter of imigrants
double game for me to deal with
mind haunted
So I’m drawing landscape for my soul to escape
from the legacy of systemic oppresion, you see ?
This pandemic is a pression
the illusion of a nation
is drowning our soul to depresion
and ruining our life and relationship
Tons of shit, I don’t fit into this creepy creek
Shift happen, I get out of this silent crypt
Shine out, Keep going
No matter what people say
Reflect your light,
even if they are afraid of it
even if they are afraid of themself
If I shine,
Is just to invite you to do the same
Breath in, the pain that you feel is healing yourself
healing your soul
Despierta, estrellas
Brilla hacia afuera
Ama la vida, amansa tu fiera
Revela tus sombras
y viaja con ellas
aprende en el camino a florecer a la vida
Las palabras que usamos crean nuestro mundo
Pensamientos limitados que llegan a un punto
Fundo de fuente infinita
aspirandonos a la divinidad
Somos espejos
lo que crees que eres, crea tu mundo
Somos espejos
desvela tu tesoro
Voyage a travers l’monde
rencontre ces belles âmes
Il y a toujours cette flamme
qui brille au fond d’nos cœurs
Des larmes de rire et des pleures
berce mon esprit
souvenir d’une vie, de ses mille et une couleur
Petit oiseau,
t’a déposé au fond d’mon être
ces belles graines de rêve
que j’arrose à la lettre
On respire le même air
peu importe où on est sur Terre
Face à toute cette misère,
on ne peut plus se taire !