Paroles & Accords


I’ve been waiting for this moment
Since I dream about this romance
Making all of this real
And believe this what I feel
‘Cause all that I’ve been dreaming
became somehow this, something more
So I’m feeling, I’m dreaming
I’m raping about this life
I’m thankful for
Putting this words
Know that It may be heard
No matter what they say
I just keep singing like a bird
Listen miss, this really sound insane
You know, my only wish is just to play this game
Come on, welcome everypart of yourself
It doesn’t matter which part it is
It doesn’t matter which part it is
The beauty and the beast is living in
take a look at it, at least
It doesn’t matter, no it doesn’t matter
which part it is, all we’ll be fine
I don’t need, no violence
just to mean this silence
’cause eveybody is free
to live its life as it wants it to be
We know what we want
Be a slave, no we won’t
So imagine your dream
feel them here
make them real
Come on let us jam in that circle
you already know that
living that life is a miracle
I’m not telling you bullshit
change all bad thoughts in good shit,
You know that I mean it
So take that life as you give it